Manor Theursot 

Theursot is a small domain that we bought in the year 2002. The manor is build partly in the mid 19th century and then rebuilt regularly. On the facade of the manor we find the year 1864. The associated farm is probably of an earlier date. Besides the Manor, the estate consist of a pavilion with greenhouse, a barn and a farm, forest and meadow.

Theursot is located in the parc régional du Morvan, just on the outside of the pleasant flowery village of La Grande Verrière with a church, a small grocery store, cafe, post office, a restaurant and a river that flows through the village.
Enjoy the beautiful domain. You're welcome! For over 15 years we are in the Morvan. We loved the nature, forests and lakes, the quietness and people so much that we decided to live and work in this environment.