Theursot is situated in the parc regionale du Morvan just outside the lively French village of La Grande Verrière.
In all tranquility you can walk and meditate in our park-like garden, our hilly pasture and forest.
Our terrain is 6 acres and adjacent to forest and grassland.
The village is completely surrounded by forests that can be explored on foot or by bike.
You no longer need a car to find nature.
You're surrounded by it.
It's usually all a lot calmer and friendlier than we’re used to in the Netherlands.

The village of La Grande Verrière has everyday amenities such as a small grocery store, post office, café and restaurant within walking distance of Theursot.
The municipality, which consists of ten villages, has together about 500 inhabitants.
The green character of environment means that the agricultural sector is big, followed by forestry.