Parc Régional du Morvan

Theursot is located in the south-east of the Morvan. The Morvan is a hilly landscape up to 902m high. The Yonne and other rivers originate there. There are many vantage points with amazing panoramic views of the area, such as on the Mont Beuvray. Sometimes you can even see the Mont Blanc!
Water is the lifeblood of the Morvan. Water for trout fishing or canoeing, swimming, water for the dams and water, previously used to transport logs to Paris. It has the formal status of a regional park since 1970. The area is 173,000 hectares, spread over 64 municipalities in four different departments. The Morvan itself has a length of 70 km, NZ and a width of 55 km 0W. At the top closed by Avallon, a renowned place along the Autoroute du Soleil, and on the south by Autun. The north side is called Bas-Morvan. It is no more than 600 meters high and that gives an undulating landscape with many forests, hills, canals, embankments and water. It is a somewhat striking landscape, a bit like Ireland. The south side, called Haut-Morvan is where our domain lays, provides a completely different landscape. Peaks of 800 and 900 meters of rough granite, vast forests, wild rivers, lakes and an amazing wildlife. The Morvan is called the granite heart of Burgundy. It is centrally located in the Burgundy region, located on the territory of all the four departments of Burgundy: Côte-d'Or, Yonne, Nièvre, Saone-et-Loire.


Probably the most famous department of Burgundy. It is a wine region, that stretches out between Beaune and capital Dijon. Regularly, in many villages, wine festivals take place. During its tastings you can meet with delicious wines such as the Vougeot and Meursault. Nature lovers can admire a variety of wildlife including otters, deer, birds, butterflies and trout. There are many cycling and hiking routes along the river Aube, a tributary of the Seine. Website Côte-d'Or


With its vast landscape and the nature park the Morvan a good area for hikers, nature lovers and bird watchers: you can see different species of birds, such as the black and red kite and the Lanius senator. The park the Morvan offers beautiful walks through forests, meadows and along remnants of the Celtic era. Fishing and water sports can be found at the Lac des Settons and Lac de Pannecière. Boats can traverse the region through the 180 km long Canal du Nivernais, which runs from Saint-Léger-des-Vignes in the south of the Nièvre to Auxerre (in the department of Yonne). The capital is Nevers. 


The most southern department of Burgundy. The landscape has no pronounced high mountains, but all the characteristics of it with panoramic views, deep gorges and valleys. The rolling countryside is ideal for walkers, cyclists and skaters. For the latter two there’s even a 120 kilometer cycle track, called the Voie Vert. A nice city to visit is Autun, located on the southeast side of the Parc du Morvan. The city is famous for the Cathedral of Saint Lazare. The attractive old town with its houses with red tiles is partly terraced on the wooded hill Montjeu and partly descending on the banks of the River Arroux. The actual center of Autun is the Place du Champ de Mars, a pleasant square with parking, terraces and restaurants. The capital of Saone-et-Loire Macon, situated on the right bank of the Sâonne. Macon is the capital of the great wine region Mâconnais, where both red and white wine.


The area of the world famous Chablis wines. In Chablis you follow the Route des Vignobles, a journey of 45 kilometers along purely vineyards. South of Yonne is the Morvan, a wooded area with several lakes and numerous trails for mountain bikers and hikers. The department is named after the river. The Yonne, 293 km long, is a tributary of the Seine rises in the massif of the Morvan. The Yonne is navigable from capital Auxerre and the Canal du Nivernais associated it with the Loire. The canal, 180 miles long, contains 110 locks 32 on the Loire-side and 78 on the Seine side. Previously it was a transport path for wine, cereals and limestone, but nowadays the channel may only be used for pleasure. The Nivernais Canal is one of the most beautiful canals of Europe.